I’m a scientist and science communicator. I’ve a masters and PhD in Chemistry, and on my ‘science’ side of my life I’m currently a senior scientist at a biotech company in Münich. Prior to this I spent 12 years studying how the enzymes within life transform chemical energy into useable work. I’m a keen fan of public engagement with both research and fundamental science, and have produced some pretty cool stuff which you can see above.

What makes science great for me is not only working in a world class lab studying the fundamental processes of life, but also communicating the wonder of the research. I’ve discovered I can’t do my job in the lab if I don’t talk or make art about what I’ve been doing. It helps produce the cartoon in my head which pushes my research foward.

I’m newly based in Munich, after spending 16 years in Sheffield. I’m a keen cyclist, I love long distance cycle touring – my biggest achievement is to ride from Seattle to San Fransisco. I’ve a love of heights and climbing, and am a trained circus aerialist, specialising in silks and rope.